A technology house of developers and creatives, and one of the first Virtual Reality dedicated companies, offering business consultancy, advisory work and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Virsabi is a collective of experienced people, working with VR to generate business value for our customers.

Virsabi is commercially oriented and driven by business goals, though we unite around the utilization of new VR, AR and MR technology and the fast maturing creative space.

Virsabi accelerates leaders, teams and organizations towards the full utilization of this technology in a commercial context.

Virsabi is the coordinator and the technical developer of the TeachINVR project. We bring the newest technology to education, training and business.


Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft gGmbH -Leipzig/Germany

Wisamar is an accredited, non-profit education provider acting in the fields of further education and training, integration, project management and EU mobility.

The development of creative teaching methods is a topic we have been working on for many years, both in the field of vocational training and adult education.

We engage(d) in various European projects with a focus on modern digital teaching and learning methods, such as interactive online or blended courses, gamification and practice-oriented VR applications.

In TeachINVR, we are particularly pleased to work with the partners on a methodology of immersive teaching and learning with VR, which will be implemented in guidelines for teachers and learners in vocational education and a concrete VR application.


It all started in the 40s, war is over, and people gather in the squares. A lot needs to be done as cities are bombed, factories need to be reconverted and the land is uncultivated.

Individuals want to rewrite their future. That is when the ACLI Association guessed that work represents the milestone to start over. Training takes place anywhere: in clubhouses, churches, and abandoned buildings, but soon the need for more structured training arises. Therefore in 1947, the Central Office for Vocational Training is created in Rome and, in 1951, it became EnAIP – Ente Nazionale ACLI Istruzione Professionale.

The first courses are delivered to youngsters and adults, men and women as an opportunity for social reward. But times change and EnAIP grows bigger and acts in favour of social and labour development anticipating trends and taking part in the political process that leads to significant national reforms, thus becoming the first institution to develop a new and unique training offer.

Today EnAIP is the largest vocational training provider in Piedmont, a place where everyday trainers, trainees, companies, experts exchange ideas and still want to rewrite their future, in line with the new scenarios and the evolving Labour Market …… and we want to do it with them!


SYNTHESIS is Cyprus’ leader in social entrepreneurship and social innovation creating and implementing research and educational projects of social impact (particularly in the fields of employment, entrepreneurship, migrant integration and social inclusion).

SYNTHESIS manages “Hub Nicosia,” a pioneering social innovation hub that houses and supports organizations, entrepreneurs and enterprises with a social mission.

SYNTHESIS provides non-formal education to youth and adults – people who are at the risk of social exclusion, including NEET youth, migrants, people with disabilities, or those with fewer opportunities.

SYNTHESIS’ work focuses on developing a combination of knowledge, values and skills which will mobilise youth and adults to fully engage in civic, political and economic life. As an accredited VET centre,

SYNTHESIS designs and delivers a wide range of innovative, tailor-made, comprehensive training programs that utilize the latest technological developments such as VR and AR.